Working with children during their early years is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers. There is a current greater need for childcare professionals as teachers continue to retire and enrolment rates are increasing. Parents are recognising the connection between a solid foundation and educational benefits for their children, making highly trained early years childcare professionals highly sought after.

If you’re looking for a change in career and need some convincing, we’ve put together five reasons why you should work in early years childcare.

It’s fun!

There’s no doubt that working with children in early years settings is an extremely fun career full of many experiences. Childcare professionals make children’s days worthwhile and teaching children new and exciting things is something many current teachers enjoy. Those who work in early years childcare can experience a child’s transformation first-hand; watching them develop into healthy and happy people.


Those with qualifications in childcare have diverse choices within the industry. This allows people to pick and choose what part of childcare they’d like a career in, whether this be teaching, childminding, youth work or more. There are also various childcare courses available in higher education, which means more sought-after qualifications are offered and chances of being considered for more jobs in the industry will increase.


Working in childcare is often a great career to secure a stable income. Wages vary depending on jobs, though you can look to earn a comfortable amount through childcare. Studying childcare courses helps to obtain the right knowledge and skills needed to work as a childcare professional in multiple careers.

Working Hours

Many professionals opt for a career in childcare because of the flexible working hours. Many childcare careers allow people to choose when they can work based on their chosen programme and availability. Those working in schools and nurseries will benefit from the six-week summer holiday, whereas others tend to not work early or late hours. Some childcare professions are great for those who are looking to pursue a new career to earn an extra income.


As mentioned, the increase in demand for qualified childcare workers is high right now. Those who take courses in childcare will gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed for a job in the industry, and will, therefore, become the perfect candidate for employers in the sector. Qualifications can be used as substantial proof of ability within the industry.

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