Childminding is a great career that is sought after by many. If you’re not sure whether a childcare career is right for you, we’ve put together 4 reasons why you should work as a childminder:

It's Rewarding

Childminders play a hugely important role in a young child’s learning and development. It can be an enormously rewarding career as you watch children learn new things, achieve goals and support development.

It's Fun

How many jobs do you know that involve building forts, singing, dancing and exploring? As a Childminders, you will also have the bonus of creating wonderful memories for both themselves and the children in your care.

Supporting Parents

You will develop a strong working relationship with the parents in order to support both them and their children.

Flexible Working Hours

Childminders often find their working hours are much more flexible than other forms of childcare. This is because you would be working for yourself and operating you’re your own home.

Building your Own Business

There are varying costs to setting up your own business, including registration fees, first-aid qualifications, insurances and DBS checks.

If you’re interested in becoming a childminder our level 3 award in preparing to work in home based childcare would be ideal for you.

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