To work successfully in Children’s Social Care you need a combination of skills such as organisation, communication and resilience. You’ll need to be a motivated person who thrives off the ability to work in a situation where you can make a real difference to others lives.

As a children’s social worker, you may find that your workloads are heavy, stressful and emotionally demanding. Through building positive relationships alongside your team, you’ll be able to seek out professional support whenever you need it. To begin a career in children’s social work, you’ll need to have an approved degree or postgraduate qualification. Other opportunities are available to non-graduates, such as family support or early intervention workers. These job roles offer a lower level of support, although they can be just as demanding and require many of the same skills as a qualified social worker.

University is becoming an increasingly unpopular choice for many young people, but this shouldn’t mean your chances of getting into the social work sector decrease. For example, children’s centres are a great way of getting into the line of work. With centres all over the UK offering services such as childcare, early education, antenatal clinics, baby clinics and more, they’re a great step forward.

Getting qualifications and experience of working with children is often a great first step into Children’s Social Care. Many qualifications are delivered in the work place, meaning you will work as an employee or volunteer getting first hand, valuable experience. The Academy offers a range of childcare qualifications including early years, childminding, residential childcare, youth work and more. Each qualification is different, and you can talk to an advisor in order to find out which one is right for you.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to combine work experience with a qualification and whilst there is not yet an apprenticeship in social work, more than 250 different types of apprenticeships exist and many include working with children to help get you on the right path. Here at The Academy, we can help you secure an apprenticeship, perhaps in children’s centre working with our more vulnerable families. We have written an entire blog post on the value of apprenticeships, which you can read here.

There’s a number of routes into Children’s Social Work so if we have inspired you to find out more and you are ready to take your next step we can help. Get in touch with a member of the team today by giving us a call on 0300 300 8131 or by visiting our contact page.