There’s no doubt that the summer holidays equal a welcome break for children from the stress and excitement of school. However, the arrival of the holidays doesn’t mean learning has to come to a halt. In fact, continuing learning through the summer holidays can be fun and help children to progress.

Summer holidays give learning the chance to be applied to real life situations. You’ll quickly find that children naturally apply the skills they have developed at school in the real world. With a little additional guidance, parents are able to stimulate learning without children even being aware that further learning is taking place.

Summer holidays create a chance for exploration and learning to happen naturally. Learning is best when it happens first hand. Some children leave usual surroundings and visit new areas, or countries, providing, even more, opportunities for children to discover new cultures, ways of life and parts of the world. Leaving a normal environment isn’t necessary for learning, however. Children that remain at home can discover a world of education in the back garden alone; flowers, drawing, painting, den making and risky play. By being imaginative and creative, children are learning and working on a valuable asset that can help them throughout their school education.

Asking children to create a summer holiday diary is a great way of promoting skills including writing, drawing, painting and memory. If you’re going away for a week or two, asking your child to write and send a postcard also helps to support a whole range of skills including letter writing. The skill of summarising a day’s activities is in itself a skill, showcasing the ability to summarise short and concise copy.

Pocket money is something that can be worked into every child’s summer holiday routine. Children should be asked to add up the pocket money they are saving, or the change they will receive after buying something. When shopping, ask children to estimate how much the bill will come to. If they come close, reward them with some extra pennies!

The summer holidays are a perfect excuse to get stuck into a book, and it’s no different for children. If you’re not already a member of a library, make this summer the time to join! Let your children roam free and pick some books on their own- it will make them more likely to want to read and they’ll be more interested and excited to get stuck in. Good libraries feature more than just books too, with many offering magazines, CD’s, author visits and live story readers, all of which provide a new and unique environment for learning.

Living in the UK means the weather is hit and miss, but thankfully there are a variety of fantastic museums and indoor attractions to visit around the country that can stimulate learning in a new and exciting way. There are also a range of fantastic websites for those days where leaving the house simply isn’t an option, like BBC Bitesize for example.

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