It’s important for early years staff to hold a range of qualifications; this includes degree level. A range of skilled, qualified staff can contribute to an improved quality of experiences for young children. Evidence shows that early years graduates have a positive impact on the quality of early years education.

High quality childcare that is delivered by staff with the right criteria and skills can have an encouraging influence on the way children learn during their early years; in particular for those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Those who benefit from high quality childcare will start school around three months ahead in their literacy and language skills when compared with children who attend low quality childcare settings, and up to eight months ahead when compared to children who did not attend any early years childcare.

These benefits continue to impact a child throughout their life and well into secondary education. Those who have experienced high quality childcare in early years settings are 20% more likely to obtain 5 A*- C GCSE grades than those who attended low quality settings. It is the qualified staff who ensure early years provisions are of a high quality. Staff who have obtained qualifications, skills and experience within a childcare setting are the ideal candidates to create a nurturing learning environment in which young people can learn and grow. It has been consistently proven that trained teachers and staff who have relevant degree level qualifications can positively impact a child’s early years learning environment and development, in particular for those who are growing up in poverty.

Local authorities that have fewer graduate-led teachers in childcare settings are more likely to experience higher levels of disadvantage when compared to local authorities with more graduate recruits. It’s obvious that to be able to deliver a high quality nursery system that can reach and positively impact every child, high quality provision needs to be obtained. Evidence has shown that early years graduates have a greater impact on children within early years settings. The number of children who have access to graduate led care has increased in the last three years, meaning more skill sets and high quality childcare is more readily available.

Though there can be an uncertainty with hiring graduates, there are many advantages and opportunities that will become available within settings with graduate recruits. Central Bedfordshire Council work to consistently support settings to provide high quality care and are pleased to be able to support undergraduates to achieve Early Years Teacher Status.

If you’re interested in finding out more about achieving Early Years Teacher Status, come along to our next ‘Get into Teaching Event’. You can get in touch with The Academy team by visiting our contact page or give us a call on 0300 300 8131.