Business administration is a popular qualification that examines the day-to-day work of real world companies, teaching you the techniques needed in order to help you operate a successful business. You will learn how to carry out basic business admin tasks, progressing further to obtain a higher level of skills.

A business admin qualification can help you to build a career in a number of different business industries, such as marketing, human resources, accounting, computing and customer care to name a few. Most businesses will need people or departments with these skills. This means your choice of career path will be very vast, and you will have the option to move your skills to new companies and sectors if the opportunity arises.

Qualifications in business administration can develop your personal skills, meaning you will gain confidence in dealing with people within the workplace. Those with a qualification in business admin will have the skills needed to write reports, letters and e-mails, as well as being able to deliver presentations and negotiate deals. During a business administration course, your listening, body language and communication skills will be advanced, as these can be some of those vital signs looked for by business admin employers.

The skills you learn will prepare you for the modern office, including the latest Microsoft packages and IT skills that will be needed to work effectively within the workplace. Business administrators also have fantastic team working abilities. You’ll learn how to become a great team player as well as learning how to get the most from your team. Customer needs and service is vital for business success, as understanding exactly what a client wants can equal a service that exceeds any of their initial expectations.

Employers need people with business qualifications in order to help them and their business. For example, businesses will need people to help them solve problems and make decisions that could help to generate positivity within their company. If you’re a hands on person and enjoy dealing with practical problem solving challenges, a business admin course is likely to be perfect for you.

Being qualified in business administration can also lead you to achieve the skills and knowledge that is needed in order to set up and manage your very own business. If being self-employed is something you envision for yourself and your future career, a business administration course will put you on the right path in order to do so.

Once you obtain a business admin qualification, you’ll have the skills it takes to allow you to work in various areas of business. The Academy is a great place to start your successful and rewarding career in business admin, whether you’re interested in our Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 Diplomas.

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