We know Christmas is a time for relaxing and enjoying yourself, which in turn means learning is the last thing on our minds! However, you can help to benefit your child’s progress of development by keeping them learning over the winter holidays. We’ve put together a quick guide to keep learning alive in some fun and exciting ways over Christmas.

Keep Them Exploring

Learning doesn’t mean you have to keep your child cooped up inside with their heads in a text book. Why not go out into your back garden and ask your child to draw different plants, insects and birds and then ask them to identify them when they get back inside. Drawing is a great way for children to learn as it allows them to transfer information effectively, as well as helping them to become interested in what is going on around them.

Keeping a Diary

If your child is at an age where they enjoy writing, why not ask them to keep a daily diary over the Christmas holidays? This will help them to develop a variety of skills, as it encourages them to recall information throughout the day, keeping them wanting to explore and remain interested in learning. Allow your child to draw and paint for their diary, or write postcards to their classmates or other family members if you go on a day out, helping your child to understand different ways to keep social.

Holiday Clubs

Over the winter holidays, many social clubs close until after the New Year. However, there are some that don’t, such as a variety of sport clubs. Asking your child to attend holiday clubs can prove very beneficial as they allow your child to develop an understanding of different cultures as they meet a variety of new people. As well as developing their social skills further, holiday clubs can give your child the chance to gain new skills and experiences they can use both in and out of school.


Who knew going on the weekly food shop could be such fun for children? Instead of leaving your child behind or ordering them to stay at your side, why not give them a small activity to do that will keep them busy. An example is asking them to point out anything they see that is red with white spots, which will keep them close by but still in a frame of mind that keeps them learning.

When on the way to the shops, take this time to ask your child to read you a new story they haven’t previously read. Alternatively, purchase a small activity book to keep in the car for journeys, keeping their mind active and fun levels up! Though it might not seem like much, these small tasks are a great way of developing the skills your child may have learnt, or will learn, in school.

If you’d like more information or advice on the best ways to keep learning alive over the winter holidays, we’d be happy to help! To get in touch, simply contact a member of our friendly team via our websites contact page or by giving us a call on 0300 300 8131.