If you’re someone who has a busy schedule, it’s highly likely you’re going to experience stress as you dash around trying to get everything completed. However, there are ways to avoid these issues in your life, and we’ve put together our top five tips on how to keep on top of your busy schedule.

1. Plan Your Days

Keeping on top of your busy schedule couldn’t be made easier if you were to plan your days. Lists are a great way of ensuring you know what you’re planning to do and to stop you from rushing around trying to remember, and complete, tasks later in the day. To do lists can help you to plan your day around travel and other small inconveniences that pop up throughout the day without causing a major time issue. Tackle any longer tasks at the start of the day rather than leaving it to the end, as this way you’ll still be avoiding that huge rush.

2. Complete Tasks Before You Move On

Get through your lists in an easy, efficient manner by ensuring your tasks are completed before you move on to the next one. Procrastination is an easy thing to slip into, but it will mean things will begin to pile up, so try to avoid this to ensure you’re kept on top of what needs to be done. Some tasks can be intimidating, and if this is the case split it up into smaller, more achievable tasks. This will mean you’re still able to do the tasks you’ve been set but in an easier way, splitting it across the day and making it easier to manage.

3. Say ‘No’ If You Need To

If you are already struggling with a hefty workload and busy schedule of your own, learn to say ‘no’ to colleagues who try to share their work with you. It’s important you keep on top of your own work before you help others, and they should be doing the same. If you still feel like you’re willing to help out others, complete your own to do lists before you even look at someone else’s work. We would also advise letting them know that you can’t guarantee you’ll be able to help them, just in case!

4. Get Enough Sleep

Whilst you may be thinking that you could be completing tasks rather than sleeping the night away, it is extremely important that we get the right amount of hours every single night. It is advised by professionals that we all get around 7-8 hours of sleep, and it has been proven to help us with a number of things, including our productivity. Getting enough sleep helps us become alert and awake throughout the entire day, making it easier for us to concentrate on any tasks we have to complete.

5. Limit Stops

In order for us to get a full day of work done, it’s important we limit our pit stops. Though having a rest every now and again is vital to keeping on top of productivity and concentration, as well as limiting boredom, it’s easy to lose track of time when we’re indulging in our Facebook accounts or watching TV. We would advise ensuring you take a full hour lunch break as well as a few 5 minute breaks throughout the day, helping you to keep a clear head and keep on track of time.

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