More and more young people are choosing to undertake apprenticeships rather than continuing their studies or going to university. There are multiple advantages to being an apprentice, including earning whilst learning and forging a career for yourself in your chosen industry.

Being an apprentice means you have the chance to gain practical experience within a job you’d really enjoy. Not to mention you’ll be making money whilst you’re at it. The minimum wage for an apprentice is around £3.40 per hour, but a lot of apprentices earn more, and this can rise as experience increases.

When you become an apprentice, the programme is especially planned out to take you through the skills you’ll need to be successful. Experienced professionals will be helping you learn whilst continuing to train and support you- treating you like a real employee. At the end of the apprenticeship, you’ll gain a nationally recognised qualification, which can be equal to a Foundation degree depending on the level taken.

A positive of an apprenticeship is that it allows you the opportunity to advance within the business, if you impress your employer. Getting your foot in the door of an industry whilst at such an early point in your career is hugely beneficial and can potentially, excel you to a high position in the future.

Although there’s no denying a university degree is a great achievement and can propel you into a fantastic post-graduate job, the beauty of an apprenticeship is it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, your apprenticeship training will be funded by the government entirely. If you’re slightly older and fit into the 19-23 age group, the government will fund 50% of your apprenticeship course costs. The best news is that if you undertake an early years or teaching assistant apprenticeship with The Academy, it will cost you nothing, no matter what age you are!

The average apprenticeship takes around one year to complete in its entirety, although they can range between one to four years. In this time, you will meet a huge range of people, including clients and customers whilst working. Therefore, you are able to create a rapport with colleagues, your manager and clients, perfect for building professional relationships.

During an apprenticeship you will grow as a person, both professionally and personally, becoming an essential part of a team. If sixth form, college or university doesn’t feel like the right route for you, look into the perfect apprenticeship scheme. At The Academy, we have a huge range of apprenticeships in working with children - find out more via our Contact us page or by giving us a call on 0300 300 8131- we’d love to help!