These standards have been designed to develop the workforce, which is often working in a way that supports the early needs and interventions of children, young people and families. Intervening early is more cost effective and often achieves better outcomes. Anyone whose job involves working with children and/or families should be working to the Early Help Standards, as doing so should improve outcomes and prevent costly interventions at a later date.

The Academy of Social Work and Early Intervention’s Early Help Standards is a CACHE endorsed learning pathway, and is specifically written in order to support children and families. They are based upon the ten essential standards for social workers and have been developed in support of workers from level 1 to level 3. They can be used as part of induction, or to build on existing knowledge for more experienced workers.

The course takes around four months to complete, and has been purposely developed around the same essential standards that social workers work towards. If you’re interested in completing the standards, you’ll need to attend some taught sessions and complete a portfolio of work that details evidence to support your practice.

The Early Help Standards are exclusively offered by The Academy and we will undertake all of the support and assessment to enable you to achieve them. As a learner, you will create and submit your portfolio of evidence online using a system called Learning Assistant. One of our assessors will support you in all aspects of your work, giving regular advice and feedback on your achievements.

Here at The Academy, we are currently offering the Early Help Standards to employees and volunteers who work with children and families across Central Bedfordshire free of charge, in return we expect that staff will be supported and given the time required to attend workshops and complete activities. So whether you’re working in childcare- perhaps working with funded 2 year olds, youth work, health or pastoral care, The Academy’s Early Help Standards will be of huge benefit.

Sign off of the standards will release a certificate of which confirms achievement and provides recognition of competence in the role as an Early Help Worker within the local authority they are working.

If you do not work in Central Bedfordshire, the full cost of this endorsed learning pathway is £650- so be sure to contact The Academy team to find out more by calling 0300 300 8131 or by visiting our contact page.