If you're interested in beginning your career in childcare and want to help give children the best start in life, childminding could be the ideal job for you.

A childminder is someone who looks after one or more children aged 8 and under for more than two hours a day, whom they are not related to and on domestic premises for reward. If this sounds like you, you’ll need to register as a childminder.

To become a childminder, you must complete specific training which will help you to understand and implement the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework before you can actually register with Ofsted. You will also need to complete paediatric first aid training.

Registered childminders will:

  • -Offer the children they care for happy home-based professional care and learning environments.
  • -See the children they care for grow and develop from a young age, as well as care for their own children at the same time (if applicable).
  • -Work in their home, choosing the hours they work and the services they provide.
  • -Meet other childcare professionals in the area in order to get to know the local community.

The job of a childminder is incredibly rewarding. This is because you’ll be playing a very important role in a child’s learning, development and life in general. You’ll be able to watch them grow and achieve goals, learn new things and overcome fears and previous struggles. Though childminding jobs can be stressful, there aren’t many career options that involve so much fun. You’ll get the added bonus of creating wonderful memories for yourself, your children and the children you care for.

Childminding work also helps to support parents, which can be extremely satisfying. You’re likely to receive a lot of positive feedback from parents so you’ll know just how much your work is appreciated, and you may even make friends, too. It’s also an extremely flexible job, especially when compared to other regulated forms of childcare. This is because you’ll be self-employed and working from your own home, meaning you can run things the way you want to and work only when you are needed. Childminding can be a short or long term career; it’s completely up to you! This makes it a great occupation choice for those looking for a job whilst taking a break from their career and caring for their own young children.

With relatively low start-up costs, childminding is the perfect option for those looking to work with children in a job that suits them and their needs. Our childminding Level 3 Award in Preparing to Work in Home Based Childcare costs as little as £50 for Central Bedfordshire residents.

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