Early year’s education has many benefits in helping shape a child’s confidence and curiosity before attending school. When children are young, every experience and encounter presents a learning opportunity. The brain grows most during a child’s first three years of life which means they absorb everything around them from the words they hear, to copying and adopting behavioural characteristics of people around them.

Here are some of the advantages of early childhood education:

Social Behaviour

It is important for a child to be introduced to other children to improve their social skills, enabling them to find stability within friendship groups. Early year’s education allows children to acquire vital skills allowing them to listen to others and share their own ideas. Children can make friends, learn to share, cooperate and become accountable for their actions, all within a safe and comfortable environment.

Enthusiasm for Lifelong learning

Lessons should be planned out to be fun and exciting, taking advantage of a young child’s curiosity and excitement for discovering new things can make for a child to be an effective learner in the future. Children, who receive quality early education, are reportedly more confident and curious which can often lead to better grades at school. The love for education can stem from early years education.

Exposure to Diversity

Early years education can guide children in helping them understand that everyone is unique and special in their own way with their own beliefs, culture and ethnicity. Valuing differences and diversity are crucial in early development, early year’s education can act as a guide to make sure children appreciate and accept differences.

Improved language

Early years education can help a child become better communicators at an early age. Although your baby may not yet be able to speak, he or she can still learn from listening. Boosting a child’s vocabulary is a critical component in language development and literacy, and early education can capture a child’s word awareness ages.

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