Early years education is a crucial part of any young child’s life, helping them to learn how to make friends, deal with new environments and begin their school journey.

The early years of any child’s life is very important as within the first three years of life, the brain grows and develops very quickly. During this time, the nerve connections start being used and joining up. Therefore, these years are the perfect time to nurture and educate children effectively; if they get the attention they need during their early years, they are more likely to perform better in school and feel happier in life.

However, when exposing children to education at such a young age, it’s important the environment is stimulating, nurturing and positive. When a child has been exposed to an environment that doesn’t encourage learning in a fun, happy way, it can have a negative effect on their development. The best early years education environments should allow children to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.

During the early years of a child’s life, children create strong relationships and begin to understand everyday routines. This is when they participate in and understand trust, security and care. By exposing them to others their own age, as well as other adults with whom they wouldn’t usually spend time (such as family and close friends) children are able to develop their understanding in a different, less familiar environment, preparing them for the real world that lies ahead.

As humans develop the fastest when they are young, it is vital that we help this development by ensuring it is stimulated with colours, images, books, sounds and play. All these things help information to be processed and developed further, whether this is through early years education or staying at home.

Children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who take part in early years education usually benefit in a number of different ways. These can include improved social skills, decrease of need for special education, better grades and higher attention spans. Research has established that children who attend pre-school or nursery are more likely to have fewer behavioural problems, not become involved in crime and attend college or university.

Here at The Academy, we can ensure those that are working with young children understand how vital the early years of a child is to their development and growth. If you would like to find out more information about the advantages of early years education or more about funded nursery places for 2 year olds, why not get in touch with a member of the team via our contact page or by giving us a call on 0300 300 8131.